Useful Sites

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  • Jason Appel’s Website
    • Jason is an amazing teacher in Barrington, RI.  He teaches 100% from self guided playlists.  His website has some great resources and discussion for anyone interested in blended learning.
  • Mathematics Assessment Project
    • Huge resource for Performance Tasks and other higher order thinking assessment materials.
  • Harvard Performance Assessment Resource Bank
    • Another huge searchable resource for Performance Tasks and Assessments.
  • The Learning Accelerator – Playlists
    • The Learning Accelerator is a great site in general.  Check out this section on Playlists.
  • Hyperdocs for Math Class
    • Incredible padlet by @kavester that has tons of resources for Math Hyperdocs.
  • Which One Doesn’t Belong
    • Great site with thought provoking puzzles for students.
  • Open Middle
    • The tag line for this site is: “Challenging Math Problems Worth Solving”.  Enough said!
  • Would You Rather Math
    • Real life math problems that ask students to justify their answers.  Great for warm ups or a Do Now!
  • Emergent Math
    • This site has Project Based Learning Curriculum Maps based on the Common Core State Standards.  Needless to say, this is very helpful when looking for project based learning activities for a specific standard.  Grades 3-12.