Portsmouth MS Technology Night

By Raymond Steinmetz

Last night, Portsmouth Middle School hosted its annual Technology Night.  The event highlighted all of the great tech stuff that we have going on at our middle school.  Kudos should go out to our Tech Integration Coach – Sarah Del Santo and Librarian – Alyssa Taft.


Sarah kicked the event off.  The event not only featured a lot of great technology, but it also featured our newly revamped Library Media Center.  There were SO many things that we have at this school that I didn’t know about.

3D Printers

Not only do we have one, but we have TWO 3D printers!  Very cool.  I’ve only seen the end products made by the students around the school, I had never actually seen these in the building.

3D Pens

Another awesome thing that I didn’t know we had.  3D Pens!  Our art department and STEAM Team are absolutely killing it.


Here are my students presenting technology that they are doing in my classroom.  One of my students was featuring a rap video she made with a friend on green screen technology for a project about financial responsibility.   Another student was sharing  with parents his experience playing Prodigy.

A Robot!


Mr. Steinmetz