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Jamie is a Sixth Grade Mathematics and ELA Teacher in Pennsylvania who is passionate about teaching and collaborating with other educators. She has been teaching sixth grade for nine years now but also has experience in third, fourth, and fifth grade. Through these teaching experiences, she has found a love for middle schoolers, whole-brain teaching, humor, and movement in the classroom.

Whole-brain teaching is a method used to empower students to be active learners. Jamie breaks math and ELA topics into smaller chunks, combines them with hand and body motions, and uses a combination of call and response to solidify procedures and concepts. She often sees students acting out the motions to her call and responses while taking assessments.

A sense of humor is a must have for students in her classroom. Jamie uses humor to engage students and build relationships, often laughing at her own goofiness and putting smiles on her students’ faces. Smiles and laughter go a long way in the learning process!

She loves getting her students up out of their seats and moving. There are so many benefits to movement in the classroom: using up excess energy, improving metabolism, burning more calories, improving core strength and posture, and increased motivation and engagement. From doing Crossfit-like Tabatas in the classroom to shooting hoops during a game of Trashketball, Jamie keeps her students on their toes (as it should be).

She believes that good teaching stretches farther than just the classroom, and strives to act as a mentor, role model, coach, and confidant for her students. For example, one of her students was having a tough time and had enough trust in her to reveal a battle of self-harm. Jamie was able to guide this student to seek help and aid him/her in finding a better state of mind. The student has made a full recovery and is thriving in school. The key to teaching is building relationships so that students trust you and feel safe in your classroom. Learning cannot occur until students feel safe and loved.

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