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Kolleen Bourdage is currently a 4th grade teacher in Enumclaw, WA. She has taught 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades including two years in a split classroom. In her eleven years of teaching, she has worked in schools with a wide range of demographics including schools located in the inner city, a small country town and a suburban neighborhood.  Follow Kolleen on Twitter @KolleenBourdage.

Kolleen is a very curious educator and is constantly striving to improve and learn more. She spends a lot of her time reading, researching and discussing education.

Equity in education is a driving factor for Kolleen. She believes every student is capable of learning and it’s a matter of working with each student in a way that works for him/her. Blended learning has played a big role in allowing her to do this in her last 7 years of teaching. Kolleen utilizes technology, not because it fun and flashy, but because it can create a better and more effective educational experience for the students.

Ms. Bourdage’s Posts about Blended Learning

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