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3b513089-4864-492c-a698-02d64221a6e6-8175-0000057b7f4e5858Raymond Steinmetz (@blended_math) is a K-8 Math Instructional Coach in Portsmouth, Rhode Island and the founder of Blended Learning Network. [More]

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Playlists, Video, and GoFormative

raeHughartRae Hughart (@RaeHughart) is a Middle Level Math Educator in Illinois and the Director of Training & Development for Progressive Mastery Learning, LLC. [More]

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Not just good on Fridays – #TeachBetter


Courtney Paull (@mrspmathworld) is a Grade 7 math teacher at the International School Manila in Manila, Philippines where she has been for two years. [More]

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Do you reach ALL your students ALL the time?

Differentiating Classroom Space through Flexible Seating


Kolleen Bourdage (@KolleenBourdage) is currently a 4th grade teacher in Enumclaw, WA. She has taught 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades including two years in a split classroom. [More]

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Video Lessons – Students Getting What They Need When They Need It

Kimberly Rosander (@Ms_Rosander) is a high school math teacher in Portsmouth, RI. This is her 12th year in the classroom, and she can’t get enough. [More]

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GoFormative Fail