Google Came to My School!

By Raymond Steinmetz

Today, Google came to my school!  A student of mine was chosen as a finalist for his submission for a Google Doodle contest.  My student, Ignacio, was chosen as the finalist for all of Rhode Island.  Out of 250,000 submissions, he is one of 53 finalists – one for each state and territory.  Here is Ignacio and his Google Doodle:

Ignacio Burgos

So, this was obviously a very cool day at school.  When Google comes to your school, it is a big deal.  Google gave the kids (and adults) all multi-colored Google t-shirts.  And two young Google employees showed a few videos to our 7th graders about the great things that Google does for society.

Ignacio’s family – his grandparents flew in from Puerto Rico – and his teachers were very proud!


Another cool thing that happens when Google comes to your school is that they give Professional Development on some of the great things happening with Google for Education.  Later in the day, a group of teachers – including myself – were given an overview of all of the great things that Google is doing in education.  They have some really great programs, most I didn’t even know about.  This is what was waiting for us when we arrived:


View Finder and a Pamphlet
Google for Education


Here are pictures of each of the Google for Education programs that they featured.  I was aware of only a few of these:

CS First
Be Internet Awesome – Online Safety Curriculum
Google for Education
Be Internet Awesome – Online Safety Curriculum
National Parks Virtual Reality
Google Expeditions Virtual Reality
Made with Code – Focused on getting girls interested in CS
Google Science Fair
Google Arts and Culture


The coolest thing that I saw was the Virtual Reality through the view finders that they gave us.  I am not sure exactly how we are going to use them in Math quite yet, but they were super cool.  Almost as cool as this guy:

Lost in the Aurora Borealis

Mr. Steinmetz