EdCampRI 2019

By Raymond Steinmetz

Student Panel at EdCampRI

“I like reading on the computer because you can always copy and paste for your responses on evidence based questions.” – 5th Grader Somara R.

This impromptu student panel was just one of the great things that I witnessed at EdCampRI this weekend.  I had always wanted to attend this event, but I seemed to always have some sort of conflict.  I was also curious about the “UnConference” format of the day.  Going into this Saturday, I honestly didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.  I knew that it would be a great opportunity to network and meet some people who I had only met on twitter, but I had no clue what else to expect from this free event.

Building the Schedule

Building the Schedule

Right after signing in and creating a name-tag for the day, I was asked to fill out two post-it notes – one thing I wanted to learn, and one thing that I was willing to share.  All 100 or so attendees were asked to put their sticky notes on the wall, and after mingling for a bit, we were asked to put a red dot sticker on the topic that we were interested in the most.  The event coordinators then collaborated and built the following schedule:

EdCampRI Organically Created Schedule

Breakout Sessions

The rest of the day was pretty self directed from there.  Each of us went to the room for the topic that suited our needs.  The breakout sessions were just organic conversations between educators based on their questions and interests.  I would highly recommend everyone clicking on the link above to see the notes from each breakout session.

Breakout Session on Differentiated Math Centers

It will take me a long time to fully digest all of the resources available from the sessions I attended, let alone all of the other sessions.  It was a great opportunity to be among some great educators for a free day of PD!

Also check out the Wakelet for the day – EdCampRI Wakelet of Tweets

Mr. Steinmetz