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Thank you so much for continuing to visit this site. This school year I took on a new position, a new house, plus two toddlers! I no longer have time to keep the site up to date, but people keep visiting, so I will continue to pay my yearly WordPress fees to keep it live.

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Mr. Steinmetz – Math Interventionist

Instant Relevance Podcast – Season 2

IR Pod Cover ArtDenis Sheeran and Raymond Steinmetz are well into Season 2 of the Instant Relevance Podcast.  We have had some great guest like Alice Keeler, Don Wettrick, Erin Hall, and Dr. Brad Gustafson!  Future guests this season include Jon Harper, Dan Tricarico, Carlon Howard, Stephen Hurley, and Paul Toner.  Also, check out our Instant Relevance Mini-Moments for plug and play relevant moments for your classroom.

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New Contributor – Courtney Paull!


I am extremely excited to announce an amazing guest contributor to Blended Learning Math, Courtney Paull!  Courtney is an international math educator, avid traveler, and donut enthusiast working in the Philippines.  I am excited to get her international perspectives on using blended and personalized learning in the math classroom.  Follow her on twitter – @mrspmathworld

Check out Ms. Paull’s first article on Blended Learning Math:

Do you reach ALL your students ALL the time?

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New Contributor – Rae Hughart!


I am extremely excited to announce the first of several guest contributors to Blended Learning Math, Rae Hughart!  Rae is a middle school math educator, podcaster, and teacher trainer from Illinois.  She is an integral part of the Teach Better Team as well as an advocate for student centered and blended learning.  Follow her on twitter – @raehughart 

Check out Ms. Hughart’s first article on Blended Learning Math:

Not just good on Fridays – #TeachBetter

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