A Fun, Online Game That’s Inclusive

By Kara Wojick

If you are anything like me, you jump at the chance to gamify learning in the classroom and capitalize on productive competition. For years, I have taken advantage of every opportunity I had to use Kahoot, Quizlet Live, and other similar online games that engage kids and help them learn.

And while those games were really engaging and fun for most of my students, each time we played, one problem became increasingly clear to me. These games were not fully accessible to all my students.

I, like most other teachers, have classes that include students of all ability levels. I have students who are English language learners, and I have many students who have learning disabilities and require extra time on assessments and daily classroom tasks because reading, processing, or computing takes just a little bit longer for them. The timed and competitive nature of many online games is unfair, frustrating, and sometimes embarrassing for these students.

Quizizz, however, is an online game I discovered last year that has several really exciting features, and most importantly, the competitive and timed nature of the games is optional. Every child in your classroom can learn, be engaged, and feel successful with this FREE online game. Plus, it’s super easy to use!

Once you make an free account using your email, you are ready to begin!

You can either search for a pre-made quiz by another teacher, or you can create your own. If you choose to create your own, you very simply type in your question and response choices, choosing one “correct” response.


I really like that Quizizz response choices can be short (like they would be in a Kahoot or Quizlet), or they can be longer. This is perfect if you would like to do some content review that has lengthier answer choices. For example, at one point, I was asked by my district to do some targeted test preparation for the STAR Reading Assessment. To make it more fun, I simply copied some STAR sample questions into Quizizz and had my students practice that way! It was just different enough to engage them and they got immediate feedback on whether their answers were right or wrong.

Once you are done creating your quiz, you can administer your Quizizz game in several ways.

  1. You can actually assign a Quizzizz as homework! If students have access to technology at home, they can complete the assignment there.
  1. If you decide to administer the quiz in class, there are a variety of settings that you can control. You can decide whether or not to time the quiz. Removing the timed feature allows all students to think through each question are his/her own speed. Additionally, teachers can make the decision about whether or not to display the competitive aspect of the game — the leaderboard.
Gameplay Settings
Show the Leaderboard!

The game also includes some fun features for students such as optional music as the game is played and memes that appear after each question is answered.

And, most importantly, Quizizz provides a report of student responses and time taken on each question or the quiz as a whole.

I hope you try this tool and find it as useful as I do! Tell me about your experience or ask questions in the comments.

To connect further with me, you can find me at @RileyReadsYA or rileyreadsya.com

Mrs. Wojick